TEKH:2 Reboot

As 2020 dug its heels in, Brad, Steve and I rebooted our beloved future-tech-art collective we started back in 2012, Ethno Tekh.

Ethno Tekh’s 2014 motion capture-based installation, Gravitate

Since 2015, we’ve all been busy immersing ourselves in seemingly opposite ends of the system. I recently completed my Masters on VR Music Interface Design, where I looked at how natural handling gestures could be used to create novel forms of sonic expression. Brad and Steve started a VR development company called EXP (Experience|Explore|Play), and since then have developed some amazing VR experiences, including the globally deployed VR fire-fighting training platform, FLAIM.

With a successful application into Creative Victoria’s Creator’s Fund program, we have rebooted the collective. Since March 2020, we have mashed together the last 5 years of our academic, development and artistic pursuits into our XR dream project. Meet TEKH:2

The focus of TEKH:2 is researching novel methods of creative expression within XR environments using contemporary hardware devices. This entirely open-source project works towards creating new approaches to immersive audio/visual performance and expression, using natural hand gestures to create and manipulate 3D objects made from both sound and light.

With the first few sweaty months of Unity3D framework development out of the way, it’s time for us to kick off our weekly blog posts, share progress we’ve made so far, and talk about where all this is going.

The project is currently hosted here: